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Welcome to maverick coffee

Maverick Coffee Trading has been nearly 16 years in the making, from the moment our founder first stepped foot in a coffee trading office in Kenya in 2005. Born out of our passion for sustainably connecting two ends of the coffee supply chain. Since then, the love affair with coffee and the support and enthusiasm of the people within the industry has propelled the idea of Maverick Coffee Trading to fruition.

Connecting Coffee Partners Globally

Maverick Coffee Trading is a UK based green bean trading company specializing in providing reliable, open and sustainable relationship-based trading between growers in origin, and roasters in consuming countries. We pride ourselves in fulfilling the needs of our stakeholders in equal measure. We provide access to markets, finance, risk mitigation and a fair price to our producers, whilst at the same time enabling our roasters to enjoy freedom to access origins, reliable and worry-free logistical services as well as financing initiatives, sustainability programs, quality assurance and deep-rooted coffee knowledge.

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