Maverick Coffee Trading

Ethically Sourced, Environmentally Delivered

We are driven by our ethics, principles and belief that open,  honest, transparent and fun supply chains are more reliable, more trustworthy and more sustainable. 

We do not speculate on sourcing coffees cheaply to fill a warehouse and capitalize on market movements. We do not focus solely on specialty coffee as a mechanism for enriching farmers’ incomes. Instead, we are proud to trade all grades of coffee a producer has the privilege to yield to supply an exacting requirement of our clients. 

Committed to and Invested in Environmental Sustainable Practices.

At Maverick, our responsibility as trading company lies far beyond socially responsible sourcing of coffee from origin. In the initial stages our aim is to always operate an efficient carbon neutral business from point of purchase to point of sale. As we develop, we would like to work with our partners in origin, and clients in destination to compensate for the total carbon footprint of each partnership. You can read more about this in our Journal and downloads section.

We are Youthful,
& Experienced.

Maverick is a young company, with a young team of professionals. We have over 20 years of coffee experience gathered in origin export companies, East Africa, Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia as well as, specialty imports and commercial trading. Our fun and dynamic team can handle any request that comes our way, with stable logistics and financial support, ensuring our coffee ends up in the right hands at the right time.